A fun synergy is taking place between my two worlds. In academia (world One) I have come into the orbit of Dr. Mary Hess who is all about digital media, adult religious education, and spirituality. That’s a pretty obvious connection to my interests. She is one of my professors in Gospel and Cultures and she is my supervisor for my independent study in which I am looking at Learning in Adulthood and Spirituality. She has encouraged me to explore my visual imagination in academia. This has ignited a wild fire that is jumping boundaries into my ministry (World Two).

The video below is a little experiment I put together for my catechism students. This Wednesday we will discuss God’s creation in the context of Article One of the Creed. Rather than talk to them about creation, I thought I should bring them on a walk with me to explore creation in our suburban context.

You will see at the end of the video that I invite the students to post their own version of this video on our youth website. I hope that some of our youth latch onto this digital community that I’m trying to foster.

Now, switching back to academia, everything I’m doing in my youth ministry regarding this digital interface is fueling my imagination for the crafting of my PhD dissertation. This is really fun.

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