At Youth Group on Sunday we looked at the story of Thomas in John 20, when he was skeptical about Jesus’ resurrection. Instead of berating him for doubt, we actually related to him and felt comfort in the fact that even the disciples doubted.

The thrust of the lesson revolved around bringing honest questions to God and being OK with not getting solid answers. We can wrestle with things. Good questions don’t always bring solid answers, they just bring better questions.

At the end of the lesson we all wrote down questions, anonymously, and placed them in a basket. We drew a few out and had great conversation about them.

This experience inspired me to create a new thread on my blog called “Questions from the basket…” I hope to engage with these questions periodically over the summer.

Here are the questions that our students asked:

  • If you disobey God, can you redeem yourself? How?
  • If you focus on God, will He honestly give you “the desires of your heart?”
  • If you’re focused on Him, how can your heart still have other wants? Is that OK to desire more?
  • How can I be an important concern to God when there are so many other larger things in the world? (eg. Japan, tornadoes, war, etc.)
  • How much traditional Christian guidance was created by man, when the church controlled the masses?
  • Is blind faith indicative of a simple mind?
  • How does God decide when to take someone to Heaven?
  • How do we know if God is really real? There are times when I do doubt that he does, cuz of all this pain in life.
  • How could anyone go to Hell when we have such a forgiving God? Is repentance the key?
  • Is Heaven full of clouds? Is the grass blue?
  • Was God ever human?
  • Does God really know everyone on Earth?
  • How can the church be “good” when they have done so many corrupt/bad things historically? How can I be a part of that?
  • Why can’t people of other faiths accept and live together peacefully?
  • Why do people die?
  • Why is there Heaven if God is everywhere?
  • If everybody is forgiven, why is there Hell?
  • How do you figure out which religion is the right one?
  • How can you tell God is true?
  • Since we are all sinners, how many, and what kind of sins are too many or too bad?
  • What kinds of sins cause a Christian not to go to Heaven?
  • What does Heaven look like, and what can we do there?
  • Where did dinosaurs come from?
  • The last chapter of the Bible, Revelation, references judgment day and many other things. My question is, “When will this happen? And how will we be involved?”
  • How can God listen to all of our prayers at the same time?
  • How does God know me?
  • What about other religions?
  • Do good non Christians go to Hell?
  • What is the point of life on Earth?
  • What happens in Heaven?

Wow! Now you see why I love these students! These are great questions. I don’t have all the “answers,” but I will try to spend time addressing the questions over the next few weeks.

Feel free to join in the conversation.

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