There is a grand convergence this year between the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary. Both lectionaries are focused on the Gospel of Mark. Last week I made this video that provides an introduction to Mark and a visual commentary on Mark 1:1-20. Later this week I will create the next video in the series. The plan is to create a series of videos over the next few weeks that follows the Narrative Lectionary pattern and fills in the gaps. Feel free to use these videos for your own study, preaching, and teaching. Download the Mark Mega Pack and create your own teaching tools for Mark to use within your context. Enjoy!

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A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Gospel of Mark is a full-color graphic novel style telling of Jesus’ life according to Mark. Use these images to enhance your preaching and teaching by engaging your audience in a fresh way.


This download includes:

  • A PowerPoint with 315 slides
  • A Folder with 315 .jpg images to use in any presentation software.
  • A PDF of A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Gospel of Mark Graphic Novel. (buy print version HERE).

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