A rare convergence is happening in the preaching world in 2023. Only once every twelve years do the the Revised Common Lectionary and the Narrative Lectionary line up to highlight the same Gospel for the year.

This year both lectionaries will offer preaching texts from the Gospel According to Matthew. I’m very excited about this convergence and will be providing a series of visual resources to come alongside students, teachers, and preachers.

Here are some of the ways that I will be offering resources:

  • Dive in to A Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew and feast on the ever-expanding resources there. Explore at your own pace.
  • I’m working on a course at Faith Lead Academy that will provide a 7-lesson exploration of Matthew and how Jesus’ teachings are relevant for our lives today. We hope to have it ready by January. Stay tuned for updates on that.
  • I will be posting a series in the coming weeks called “Preparing for Matthew.”

In this first post I offer an introduction to the Gospels as a whole. If you launch this video in YouTube you will find a convenient chapter guide to jump back to the parts you would like to review. I hope that this video will a) offer you an introduction, and b) be a resource that you could use in your own classes as you help others prepare to study the Gospel of Matthew.



Here is the PowerPoint that I walk through in the video. You can download it and use it in your own teaching and preaching.

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