The Narrative Lectionary takes us into Paul’s Letter to the Philippians this week. CLICK HERE to view the Philippians page on A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible where you will find multiple resources to study, teach and preach on this important letter of encouragement (we could all use some encouragement right now, right?)

The FREE download includes:

  • A 5-lesson Bible Study of the letter. Download this PDF and print. See previews on the download page.
  • A PowerPoint with 12 slides that walk through the overview illustration step-by-step.
  • A folder with every slide as a .jpg file that you can share in whatever media you use to communicate.

I will be doing an extended introduction to Philippians and a walk through of these resources live on Cartoonist’s Bible Network on Wednesday, May 18 at 9:30am CT. I’d love to have you join me live so you can ask questions. Otherwise, the video will be available for Network Members to watch in their own time and space.

Member benefits include:

  1. A weekly livestream Bible Study where I will walk through the PowerPoint, Image Pack and any commentary associated with the highlighted text for the week. These videos will be archived and available to members on the network.
  2. A Universal Discount Code. Some downloads do have a price tag on the CB store. Members will get to download EVERYTHING for free.
  3. Access to directly chat with me. You might have questions about specific products or Bible passages. Members can direct chat me through the network. These communications will get priority.
  4. Community. This is a social network. Members will be able to chat with each other, form groups, and discuss the Bible, preaching, teaching, art, theology and spiritual formation.

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