Elizabeth Johnson makes the claim that Jesus is the embodiment of Sophia, or Lady Wisdom as she is depicted in the Hebrew Scripture. I created the image above when I preached on John 7:37-44. Jesus stood in front of the Temple on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles and cried out to the people, just like Sophia did in Proverbs. (see the full visual commentary on John 7 here)

I bring this up today because I am currently taking the course Jesus De/Constructed with Tripp Fuller and Diana Butler Bass. In that course, both in the reading and in the lecture, they cite Johnson and her important contribution to theology that rescues Christology from destructive patriarchy and shows us a life-giving body of Christ that has room for all people.

Here is the section of my book notes from chapter 7 where Tripp  discusses Johnson.

Here are the notes from the section of the lecture where Tripp and Diana discuss Johnson.

I had the privilege of hearing Elizabeth Johnson speak at the joint ministerium of the Minneapolis and the St. Paul Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in October, 2016. Here are my notes from that lecture. See the full review here.

I am currently reading Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Jesus by Tripp Fuller as part of a class taught by Tripp Fuller and Diana Butler-Bass.

View chapters 2-4 here.

View chapters 5-7 here. 

The book introduces recent scholarship about Jesus and a really helpful and inclusive way to be a radical disciple of Jesus in this present moment. I find it life-giving.


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