Let’s be honest, the Bible can be an intimidating book. You know you are supposed to read it, but how do you start? How do you make sense out of all the strange names, places and customs? What’s the point?

This six-week course will give you the practical tools you need to read the Bible with confidence. Learn how to read the Bible within its own context and then connect it to our own, everyday lives. These tools will allow you to hear God’s voice more clearly so that you can more fully grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ.

Full disclosure: I am a pastor at Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN (we are an ELCA church, that’s the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). I’m teaching this course at Easter, but am inviting you all to join us

The course will meet live on Zoom, via Easter Connect. You will also be able to access the session video on Easter Connect any time after the live session recording is posted. By clicking the link, you will be asked to join the Easter Connect community. All are welcome. 



Sundays, 6:30-8:00 on Zoom

October 10, 17, 24

November 7, 14, 21

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Find cartoons, illustrations, videos, commentaries, and other helpful information about every book of the Bible.

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