Holy Week is one month away. I have been drawing my way through the Gospel of Luke for the past several months, providing free downloadable PowerPoints, .jpgs, and PDF files to help preachers and teachers of the Narrative Lectionary tell the story visually. I try to stay two weeks ahead of the Narrative Lectionary. (view the project here)

I have exciting news. I only have one page left to complete before the entire set of pages to tell the story of Holy Week is ready. Holy Week, according to Luke, begins in Luke 19:28 when Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Pages 21-24 of A Cartoonist’s Guide to Luke tell the story of Jesus’ final week in a graphic novel style.

Pages 21-23 are complete and ready to download right now. And, sometime between now and March 14 I will have all four pages of downloads bundled together in one Mega Pack. Stay Tuned.

For now read each page individually. Click the image to visit the page and find free downloads.

Here is the rough sketch of page 24. Pray for me as I work to complete it in the next week.

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