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A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible is my lifelong project. I have been using cartooning, animation, and art of all kinds to explore and teach the Bible for over 25 years.

It started becoming a weekly rhythm in 2002 when we began the Hart Haus adventure in Las Vegas. Our community agreed to read through the Bible together, at least 5 days a week, and then gather on Sundays to discuss what God had taught us through the experience. Each week I would draw a cartoon synoposis of the week’s readings.

I experimented with different forms of online digital expressions of this Bible-based art throughout the 2000s. The current website launched in 2010 and has been evolving ever since. 

The most recent development is the production of two graphic novels–one for the Gospel of Matthew, one for the Gospel of Mark.

All of these images are available in a PowerPoint, a .jpg image pack, and a printable PDF. They are all free to download and use in your study, teaching and preaching. Check out all the downloads at the Gumroad Store.

I am very happy to share these resources with you.


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