I’m preaching on Acts 9:1-20 this weekend, so I created these two comic book pages and corresponding PowerPoint to help the sermon. 

I saw something in this story that I’ve never seen before. It is a story about seeing. Yes, yes, Paul was struck blind, that’s true. But, I’m talking about a deeper kind of seeing.

When Saul looked at the disciples of The Way (Jesus’ disciples) all he saw was a heretical sect that was a threat to the nation of Israel and God’s Law.

When Ananias looked at Saul, all he could see was the man who was coming to drag his whole family into prison, and possibly execute them.

This story is about how both men had an encounter with the risen Christ. Something about that encounter changed them and allowed them to put aside their fear and hatred and actually see the other person.

I think that will preach.

For now, enjoy the images. You can download the power point and image pack, AND you can download the two-page PDF and print it out like a mini comic-book.


Preview the PowerPoint

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