This image was created in the Procreate App on my iPad, using an Apple Pencil.

The inspiration for the piece came from a few sources:

  1. Art Works is going to have a show featuring the human figure. I am a charter member of the Figure Drawing co-op at Art Works and I absolutely love life drawing! So, I wanted to create an oil painting that I could enter in the show. This is a digital sketch to think through the oil painting.
  2. I love trees and nature. You can see a lot of trees in my sketchbook.
  3. I love fantasy art and don’t get to do a lot of it.
  4. In all honesty, given my public position as a pastor, and given the controversial nature of figure drawing and the display of nude figures, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my life drawings publicly. This image was a nice half-way ground.
  5. In a world of chaos and ugliness, we just need some beauty to inspire us.

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