“Light of Wapo”
oil on canvas
16″ x 20″

I just spent a week of vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order. So, where do you go when you can’t go anywhere?

This is where I went.

The last time I did an oil painting in my studio was in early 2017 when my daughter requested one as a graduation present. That’s over three years ago!

This stay-at-home order was the perfect excuse to break out the paints and spend 2-5 hours/day for a week working on a painting.

What to paint? That was the first question.

One of our Confirmation Mentors texted a photograph to me last Fall that she took while we were on a retreat at Camp Wapo. This photo jumped out at me as I was scrolling for images.

I love it for two reasons:

  1. The composition and light is beautiful. Her photo is a work of art in itself.
  2. I am very sad that we don’t get to go to Wapo this summer because of the pandemic. This painting is my tribute to that great place.

Please enjoy this little gallery of images that tracks the process over the week. Oil painting is slow. Do a layer. Wait a day to let it dry. Repeat.


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