Those of us who preach the Narrative Lectionary are faced with an interesting challenge this weekend. The NL calls for Mark 1:1-20. It is “the beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” but…there’s no baby Jesus!!!

It will be the 5th day of Christmas. How do you have a Christmas sermon with no baby Jesus?!?

I’m going to try.

I invite you, dear reader, whether you are a preacher, a teacher, or a student of scripture to explore my Cartoonist’s Guide to Mark 1:1-20

This season I plan to create another graphic novel style visual commentary on the Gospel of Mark (see the one I did on Matthew last year). Each page will include a downloadable PowerPoint that walks through each panel, moment-by-moment, a .zip file with all the images in .jpg format, and an assortment of online resources to aid in your study of the text. 

The quick link is

All of this is free! 

Blessings on your study. 

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