Advent begins this week. This is my ninth Advent Season in the mainline world. I didn’t grow up with Advent as part of my tradition in the Baptist and Evangelical worlds, so I have been growing deeper in my understanding and teaching each year.

Today I thought I would begin the season by sharing my growing library of sketches, PowerPoints, devos, and sermons to share with whomever might find them useful.

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Posts for Advent 1: Hope

Hope in the Midst of Beasts | A Sermon from Daniel for Advent 1

Feeling Trapped? | Preparing to Preach Daniel and Advent 1

Waiting on God’s Word | A Sermon for Advent 1 from 2 Kings

Advent 1 | Firm in Your Faith | A Sermon from Daniel 3:1, 8-30

Sermon on Daniel in the Lions Den | Daniel 6:6-27 | Advent 1 | #hate2wait

Blue Prayer for Advent – A Sermon for Advent 1

Posts for Advent 2: Peace

Preparing to Preach on Joel for Advent 2

Return to Me | A Sermon on Joel 2:12-12, 28-29 | Advent 2

Advent 2 Candle Illustration

Posts for Advent 3: Joy

A Light for All | A Sermon for Advent 3 from Isaiah 42:1-9 and Matthew 12:15-21

Home for Christmas | A Sermon for Advent 3 | Isaiah 55

An animation for Advent 3 | Joy Comes in the Morning | Isaiah 55

Advent 4: Love

Managing Fear and Doubt | A Sermon for Advent 4 from Luke 1:5-25, 67-80

Posts Specifically for Advent Conspiracy

The Advent Conspiracy Begins

Why Conspire at Advent?

Worship Fully | Part One in the Advent Conspiracy Series

Advent Conspiracy Week 2: A Visual Meditation on Treasure

A Visual Meditation on Advent Conspiracy 3: Give More

Sermon from Advent Conspiracy | Spend Less

Love All | A Visual Meditation on our Final Week of Advent Conspiracy

How Can We Love All?

A Visual Meditation on 1 John 3:16-18

Love is Self-Emptying

An Audio-Visual Meditation on Advent Conspiracy | Love All

Love All | The Final Sermon in Advent Conspiracy

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