What are the three questions we must ask when we take a trip? Where Am I? Where Am I Going? How Will I Get there? This sermon explores A Deep Life with the metaphor of a journey, and applies these questions to the process of growing in faith. How can we continue growing and going in A Deep Life? The main text is Colossians 2:6-7.

We started A Deep Life Series with this image.

A Deep Life starts with a deep breath.

The text for this sermon is Colossians 2:6-7

There are passive and active phrases in this verse. We see it again in Philippians 2:12-13

Who does the work in our spiritual development, us or God? The answer: YES!

a deep life is a journey with God

There are three questions for every journey.

Where am i where am i going how will i get there

Where Am I?

We must take a spiritual GPS to figure out where we really are in our relationship with God and the world before we can know the direction in which we need to move.

Where Am I Going?

Our destination is not a place. To borrow from our Buddhist friends, “The journey is the destination.”  We are growing deeper…

Any relationship has levels of depth. All of them are good and valid and beautiful, but they are at various levels of depth and intensity.

The journey to deep is not linear and requires risk, learning, and action on our part.

How Will I Get There?

Everyone is somewhere on the journey with God. Spiritual formation, A Deep Life, is simply taking a step, wherever you may be, that will stretch you, and then reflecting on that action.

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