Summer is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about our summer worship series. This year we decided to borrow an idea from our sisters and brothers at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville and preach a series on the Holy Spirit.

We’re calling it ALIVE!

This series is based on the book We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McLaren. He is one of my favorite authors, so I was excited when I heard this was our plan. I’ve worked through this book with small groups in the past. McLaren designed this book to be a Lectionary for the Emerging Church. It follows the traditional Church calendar and offers scriptures, a meditation, and small group questions for every week of the year. We are following the chapters in part four of the book, in which McLaren explores the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

The only bummer for me is that I’m going to be gone most of the summer. I’m on vacation for three weeks in July, then a week of mission trip and a week of Camp. I’m scheduled to preach the second, third, and fourth weeks in the series.

This will be a great series. I encourage you to get the book and dig deeper with a group of friends along the way. If you spend a lot of time traveling during the summer, tune in to either the Live Stream of the Hill on Sunday mornings, or listen to the sermons and the podcast on the Easter App. You don’t have to check out of church during the summer. Take it with you!

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