Jesus rose from the dead, spent some time hanging out with his disciples, then vanished into the clouds. What happens next? How are the disciples supposed to make sense out of his teachings and the scandal of the cross and resurrection? How are Jews and Gentiles supposed to suddenly become brothers and sisters in this crazy thing called the church?

The answer to these questions lies in the book called The Acts of the Apostles (or, Acts, for short).

If you have been following the cloud with me for a long time (the journey started in 2002) then you know that I’ve experimented with several different ways to offer online education and spiritual formation tools. I’m happy to announce that I have started a new venture in partnership with the church where I currently serve. It is called The Journey. It is an online library of courses designed to help you grow in your knowledge of scripture and grow deeper in your relationship with God and the world. The site is still in beta mode (which means things might not always work well), so let me know if you find a glitch.

The online study of Acts is now available at the Journey.

This study was originally written for our network of house churches in southern Nevada back in 2005. We committed to read scripture five days per week, then gather together on Sundays to discuss what God had taught us during the week. I, as the lead pastor, provided an illustration for the week that tied the text together, plus a daily “food for thought” to help digest the text for each day. There is also a “Just for Kids” section to help parents study the text as a family.

This course is free. Check it out. Let me know if it works for you. Below are some samples of the weekly illustrations. Enjoy!

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