I’ve been working on a resource this summer that will help people dig into the topics covered in Luther’s Small Catechism. I’ve done this for three reasons:

  1. I am responsible to oversee the Confirmation process at Easter. We spend one year teaching the catechism, so I wanted to have a resource for our students, their mentors, and families to use.
  2. Our worship series for September and October is called CORE. It is our way of teaching the catechism to adults without saying that’s what we’re doing. I thought this might be a fun supplement to that series.
  3. It is part of my ongoing calling to provide online, visual resources to help people grow deeper in love with God and the world. (I think it’s fun!)

The page is a work in progress that will probably never be done. I still need to flesh out the communion and confession section. I invite you to check it out and give any feedback that you think might improve the page.

luthers small catechism

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