What do you get when you combine a over sixty middle school students, fifteen high school students, a bunch of energetic college students, a beautiful campground, an amazing staff of leaders and teachers, and Luther’s small Catechism? You get my week. I get to experience Easter’s Confirmation Camp at Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp for the first time this week. We’ve been at it for two and a half days and it is a BLAST!

I’d like to share three things in regard to this experience so far.

First, I have been working on a Small Catechism Resource Page. It is designed to be a visual landing page that will link to online resources to help students of all ages dig deeper into the topics of the Catechism. It is a work in progress. View it here.

Second, here’s a quick story. Hans, our amazing youth director, and I are team teaching the sessions on the Ten Commandments and the Apostle’s Creed on Monday – Wednesday. We knew Hans was going to have to miss yesterday afternoon and this morning because of family commitments, so we planned the lessons accordingly. Then, the weather got involved and forced us to switch the order of lessons. This forced me to quickly come up with a way to teach the historical context of the Apostle’s Creed, because Hans was in charge of that piece. So…I quickly sketched this out and led the students through a step-by-step group art project. I revealed each part of this chart as I talked through it, and then drew some elements live as we were talking. I think it went OK.

Third, I’m having some personal fun this week, too. We have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Other than that, there are chunks of free time in which I can sneak off and have a little art time. Here’s a couple sketches I’ve done so far.

Wapo Beach Hut | painted in procreate on iPad

Gospel Cruisers | ink in sketchbook

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