Graphic by Laura Backman

Our summer worship series is called “The Good Life.” Here is the blurb from the sermons page (visit this page to catch all the sermon audio):

This summer we focus on the reality of life. As humans, we are born with an impulse to make sense of life. What, then, is a good life? It is about more than stuff. People in extreme poverty can experience community, beauty, generosity, spirituality and all of the things we will address in this sermon series which strives to bring “The Good Life” out of the world of possessions and into the life God intended each of us to live: Deeply connected to God and one another

I’m really excited to be part of this series. Below is the chart that I drew to help me get an overall visual of the summer. The weeks highlighted in green are the ones that I’m preaching. Remember, we have two pulpits to fill each week (we have two campuses) so it’s not like I’m dominating the pulpit.

Pray for our preachers and worship leaders as we prayerfully guide the congregation through these texts and themes.

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