I sit in the quiet of the morning. It is the quiet before the storm. The moving truck is scheduled to arrive in a couple hours. Soon all of our physical possessions will be loaded onto a truck and hauled away to be stored overnight.

This is my last day in this house.

We moved into this house in March of 2008. It was a miracle, really. We had placed our house in Vegas on the market one year earlier, just before the market crashed. We spent the next year moving to Minnesota in the belief that God had told us to move here. The house didn’t sell and we moved in with my parents in the fall of 2007. The house still didn’t sell. The value of the house dropped so low we went upside down. We had to rent it out for less than our mortgage, so we were paying hundreds of dollars a month so that someone else could live in it, while we were crammed into my parents’ house. My credit was ruined. Our pre-approval expired and it looked like we would never get a mortgage.

Then a miracle happened. Our agent/loan officer found one bank that would take a risk on us. We got a loan, my parents helped us with the down payment, and we moved into this house!

That was nine years ago. My four kids ranged in age from 15 to 8 then. We did adolescence in this house. We took in my teen-aged niece for 18 months in this house. I went from being a self-employed illustrator/animator to a fully rostered ELCA pastor in this house. I wrote my PhD Dissertation and completed that program in this house. My kids finished high school in this house. We’ve celebrated birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and the many hundreds of family dinners in this house.

And now it is done.

It has been a good house.

In the end, though, it is just a house. My home is where I can gather with the people I love.

I give thanks to God, our provider and sustainer, and do not take for granted the extreme privilege it is to have a home like this. May I never misuse this privilege, and may we always hold it lightly.

Tomorrow we move to Apple Valley (and I won’t have to commute over an hour to work). That is a post for another day.

time to load a truck…

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