It has been a fretful week here in Steve’s Cyber world. My site started acting strangely at the beginning of last week, so I called tech support. Each technician gave me slightly different advice. I upgraded my hosting plan, changed to a different kind of server, and tried to “optimize” my databases. In the process, my site got hacked by a pornography redirect. Yeah, imagine this. I’m sitting in my hotel room during a Bishop’s theological conference, I open my site on my phone and BAM there’s porn on my site. NOT GOOD!

I must confess, I was so stressed over all of this that I came very, very close to shutting down my website forever. I told myself, “You’re obsessing over this. Why do you get so self-absorbed? No body cares!” (remember, I am a 4 on the Enneagram. These are normal internal dialogues, so don’t worry too much)

Then, in the midst of my whirlwind of self-doubt, I received an email that said,

I am studying an Introduction to Theology course and just love your visual framing of the Epistles of Paul, as well as some other books of the Bible I have already studied – so succinct, humorous at times and beautifully drawn. I love this method of learning and find it great for Learning Difficulty students right through to the gifted and talented students. It is a learning method seldom taught, and often sneered at, I find. However, my daughter is currently in her final year of her medical degree and has used this study method efficiently and effectively, even with the huge volume of work she needs to cover. There is also increasing awareness as research begins to show that this method is of great value to students at all levels, perhaps more now than ever because the current generations have a much greater ‘visual learning world’ than before.

This email was like an angel for me.

So, if you have tried to access my site in the past week and met with broken shopping carts, error messages, or, horrors of horrors, pictures that dehumanize women in the worst possible way, then I apologize.

Now, I take a deep breath. It’s just a website.

I pray that it will work now. It seems to be fully functional again.

Peace to you all and thank you for your patience.

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