Learn more about my life verse here.

For the art technical geek, here’s how I made the video. This is a very quick painting that I did in Corel Painter 2016. I use a Wacom Intuous 4 digital tablet to paint. I used Quicktime screen capture to record the painting process. Then, I brought the 34-minute video (yes,  quick sketch) into iMovie and sped it up to 20X. The voiceover was recorded in Garageband last year. The music and sound effects are standard issue from iMovie; nothing fancy. The whole process took a couple hours.

The video below explains how this came to be my life verse. This video is a clip from the Own Your Faith Series I did for Grace a couple years ago. This is the first time I’ve embedded a video directly in WordPress, rather than from YouTube. How does it work?

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