BlackSigning off for the 2015-2016 blogging season.

It has been a year since I defended my dissertation and I have spent the year gradually weaning from being in school: was a TA in Law and Gospel in the fall, graduated in December, enjoyed commencement and got the magic piece of paper in May. Now, the inertia of that 5-year, full-throttle experience has come to a complete stand still.

I find myself in new territory. I am an independent scholar and a full time pastor in the local church with no second job or school filling up every extra space of my life. I’ve never breathed this air before. It’s different.

The next two weeks are set aside to create mental space. No obsessive blogging. No preaching. No planning. No researching. No writing curriculum or supervising staff. Just some R&R with whatever part of my family wants to hang out. Probably some drawing on real paper, just for fun.

And lots of prayer for discernment.

See you in two weeks.

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