We ran an experiment this year. I decided to form an online discussion group at the Grace Learning Center that would focus on the Narrative Lectionary text and the sermon from the preceding week. Every Tuesday since the beginning of the year I have made a video (vlog) that talks about the sermon/text and digs slightly deeper into a topic that the sermon didn’t address.

This last week we covered Mark 13 and discussed how Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple. This allowed me to touch on the subject of the “End Times” and name three common views of eschatology (Thus, the not-so-clever blog post title).

There are only two weeks left in this study, and it dawned on me that I have not connected those videos to my own blog. So, here is the playlist that has all the videos. There is always time to go back and work through the study of Mark on your own at Grace Learning Center.

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