How do you react when you hear the word theology or theologian? Does it seem stale, boring, irrelevant? Or, does it seem like something for snobs?

I have surprising news. You might be a theologian. If you have ever…

  • Felt like something was “good,” “beautiful,” or “wrong”
  • Wondered why bad things happened to good people
  • Felt upset at an “injustice”

Then you are a theologian!

The question is: Do you know why you have the opinions that you have?

I invite you to join me in April for a six-week course that I am teaching that will help you answer that question. I’m calling the course OMG! Can We Talk about God? It is designed for the “average” person who has no formal theological training, so there won’t be any intimidating terms, or assumed knowledge. I want to talk in plain language about how we can talk about God and the really important things in life without getting angry with each other.

A Six-Week Course designed for the beginner.

A Six-Week Course designed for the beginner.

My ultimate goal for this course is to help us learn how to be better listeners and figure out how to know what God is doing in the world and how to work for peace.

I hope you can join me, either in person or online. There are three ways you can take the class:

  1. On Sunday Evenings at Grace (April 3 – May 8). Learn more here.
  2. on Wednesday Evenings at Grace (March 30 – May 3). Learn more here.
  3. online at the Grace Learning Center. Learn more here.

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