How far will God go to rescue us when we turn away from God? Will God remain faithful in the midst of our unfaithfulness? Those are the big questions during this season of our daily readings.

The daily Bible reading schedule for November 9-15 has been updated here.

The nation of Israel was divided by Civil War between the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. This happened because Rehoboam became even more harsh than his father Solomon and taxed the people to point of rebellion. The rebel leader, Jeroboam, was afraid that the people would rebel against him and return to Judah if he allowed them to continue going to Jerusalem to worship God at the temple. So, out of fear, he created a new religion and led the Kingdom of Israel into idolatry. listen to my sermon about this.

In this week’s readings we see how things go from bad to worse. We saw this past weekend that Elijah called the people to return to God through a big showdown with the prophets of Baal. Even thought Elijah won the showdown, and even though the people paid lip service to God, the nation did not return to God. This week we see how the prophet Elisha takes over for Elijah and how the prophet Hosea brings a tough message to the leaders of Israel.

Don’t worry, though. In the midst of all this doom and gloom, we see a beautiful passage of the Gospel in next weekend’s text. Despite Israel’s unfaithfulness to God, the love of God is like the love of a parent, and God will remain faithful to God’s children.

What are your thoughts about Israel’s choices and God’s faithfulness? Respond in the comments.

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