Daily Devotionals

Daily-Devo-IconI highly recommend that everyone interested to grow in faith make time each day to have a quiet time with God. It’s simple. Set aside time each day to ask God to speak to you, read the assigned text, think/meditate on what it tells you about God, the world, or yourself, and ask God to guide you through the day.

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  • We Marched…Now What? Over 1,000 clergy marched as allies with the clergy of color in Minneapolis and St. Paul on June 2, 2020. That was great, but now what do we do?
  • I Can’t Breathe | A Reflection on #georgefloyd, COVID-19, and Pentecost “I can’t breathe.” Those were the last words George Floyd spoke before he was crushed to death by a Minneapolis police officer. The city of Minneapolis burns this week. Literal flames consume a local store while rage engulfs the community and breaks out in wildfires of violence and vandalism.
  • What is God Doing? | The Daily Prayer of a Missional Disciple What is God doing? That is the most important question that a disciple of Jesus can ask. How do we know what God is doing in a world that seems out of control?
  • Embracing the Unknown | A Cartoonist’s Guide to Liminal Space We live in an acute moment of radical change. Whatever we considered “normal” is gone. We don’t know what’s coming. This is called liminal space.  This video offers A Cartoonist’s Guide to embracing liminal space. What is it? How do we live into it? Where is the good news in it?
  • Walking through Anxiety, Depression, and Grief How do we process anxiety, depression, and grief. These are real questions amidst a COVID-19 pandemic. The only way out is to walk through it. And God will walk with us.
  • Fear and Promise In your fear, anxiety, and grief today, may you cling to the promise of resurrection life.
  • It’s the End of the World as We Know It…and I feel fine. The COVID-19 pandemic might seem like the end of the world. For some it is. How do we deal with this? Jesus gives us some clues in Mark 13 and the coming of the end of the Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Wapo, Child’s Play, and the Wisdom of God This is Camp Wapo’s Theme Logo for 2019 It is Friday morning and I sit in the quietness to reflect on the past week at Camp Wapo. It has been a wonderful week. We brought over 80 middle schoolers and 12 high school students to join hundreds more at this amazing camp. We were greeted by ...
  • Why My Blog Is Titled “Following the Cloud” “Why,” you might ask, “is this website titled Following the Cloud?” That’s a good question. Thanks for asking. This phrase has been my life motto, my personal tag line, for over 25 years. This is my experience of what it means to follow God. The spiritual journey is not a cognitive discipline of learning proper ...
  • Braving the Wilderness with Brene Brown and Jesus This week we will preach on Matthew 4:1-17. The key text is vv. 1-11 where Jesus is led into the wilderness for 40 days and faces temptation. You can see my visual commentary on it at the Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew. Today, however, I want to share a video that interviews Brene Brown about her ...


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