25 years ago I graduated from Wheaton College. Anyone who knew me then was aware that I was obsessed with becoming an animator. So, the senior class film crew approached me and asked if I would animate the opening credits for the film. Yesterday, one of the film crew pulled this vintage classic (ha!) from the moth balls and posted it on YouTube. If you look very carefully at the “preview” you’ll see that I’m the dude in the white shirt standing in the middle of the crowd. Yes, that is very long hair!

I was not involved in the live action film, but we had a lot of fun pulling the 90 second animation together in just a couple weeks. Remember, people, this represents 24 drawings per second, each inked and painted on a clear piece of acetate. I can’t believe we actually did that.

Thanks to John Mury for commenting me in on this post.

Enjoy this blast from the past.

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