Confirmation 2015 Grace Lutheran Church

Confirmation 2015
Grace Lutheran Church

I came into this ministry season feeling very torn. The plan was to finish my dissertation in January, defend in March, and graduate in May. The problem is that my graduation day was the same date as Confirmation. So, I entered the season with mixed emotions, knowing I would have to choose between these two events.

Then I received the painful news that my dissertation wasn’t ready in January and I didn’t get to graduate in May.

I’m so glad I didn’t!

This confirmation class is wonderful, and very special to me. They are the one and only group of students whom I was able to greet as they “crossed the bridge” from fifth grade into Catechism at the end of my first year at Grace, and walk with them all the way to Confirmation four years later. I won’t be able to say that about any other group, since we have hired a full-time youth director who starts in June.

I am very proud of this group and I pray God’s blessing on their new life as adult members of this congregation and participants in God’s mission in the world. May they discover God’s special calling on their lives and walk in the Grace of God for the rest of their days. Ever onward!

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