I did a little experiment this year and set a goal to make one video a month for the Own Your Faith students at Grace. Own Your Faith (OYF) is a process we invite our high school freshmen to experience leading up to Confirmation. They do three years of catechism in 6-8 grade, then choose an adult mentor to meet with them at least once a month during the freshman year of high school. We start the year with a weekend retreat, the students meet with their mentors, we invite them to attend our weekly high school group (The Dojo), then we end with a one-day retreat, a personal interview with a pastor or staff, and finish with the big day of Confirmation.

It is quite a process. This is my fifth year to be involved in it and I have enjoyed them all. One of the challenges of OYF is the scattered and individual nature of the process. It is hard for me to know how the mentoring process is going. This year I thought it might help the mentoring to offer a short video guide to each month’s topic. I created a page on our youth ministry website for each month that had the video, key scripture, and discussion questions. I asked the mentors to fill out a progress report via a simple contact form at the bottom of the page for each month.

It was fun to create these videos. The church received a nice donation and we were able to purchase a good video camera in the Fall. I switched to that camera in January, half-way through the process. We were also able to purchase an iMac and Final Cut Pro video editing software, so I was able to do the editing at the church office instead of in my own studio at home.

The green screen effects worked pretty well. There are aspects of these videos that I really like. There are other parts that make me cringe (mostly the lighting…it’s awful). All-in-all I think they achieved the desired outcome. I share them here because I think the basic content of the videos could be helpful to anyone who wants to take the next steps of spiritual formation.

Feel free to share them. I hope they help.

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