Matthew-BoxIt is New year’s Eve and I’ve spent the afternoon getting reacquainted with Matthew, the author of the first Gospel. We launch into the new year this weekend and, with it, we begin our sermon series through the Gospel of Matthew following the Narrative Lectionary. I’m doubly excited about this new series because we are also following it in the Dojo with our high school students. I am leading a tribe this semester, so I get to do some actual teaching for the Dojo in 2015!

If you would like to engage in this study with me, I invite you to do any, or all, of the following things:

  1. Attend worship and listen actively to the weekly sermons. If you cannot attend worship, the sermons are made available here each week. BTW, listening actively means you should open your Bible, take notes, pay attention, and talk to someone about it afterward. Hey, you might even want to use the Catechism sermon notes page to help you. watch this instructional video
  2. Read my introduction to Matthew before the weekend to get ready. You will also find other resources there to supplement your study of the Gospel. Think of it as a launchpad.
  3. Commit to daily Bible Reading during the week. I have listed the readings for next week below. You can always access the daily readings here. I will try to post daily thoughts about each reading as often as I can. Follow the blog to be alerted when new posts are added. (see the sidebar to subscribe)
  4. Engage in conversation. I encourage you to get together with friends to talk about the study. Additionally, the comments are open on the blog posts and I invite you to engage in healthy, constructive dialogue about the Bible study in that digital space. I promise to respond. I consider the blog to be the digital extension of my teaching ministry.

Daily Readings for next week:

Sunday, January 4: Matthew 2:13-23
Monday, January 5: Psalm 11:1-3
Tuesday, January 6: Exodus 1:8-22
Wednesday, January 7: Exodus 2:1-11
Thursday, January 8: Exodus 12:29-32
Friday, January 10: Hosea 11:1-12
Saturday, January 11: Jeremiah 31:15-17

Blessings and peace to you, and a Happy New Year!


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