baptized_we_live_coverI needed to take a little break from sermon writing this afternoon, so I found myself standing in front of my bookshelf and letting my eyes wander. I do that sometimes. It seems like the Spirit often draws me there because there is something I need to read. One particular book calls out to me, and I go with it.

I definitely needed to reread this little book given to me by Pastor Mark and written by Daniel Erlander. The title isĀ Baptized We Live. It is a hand-drawn, hand-written explanation of what it means to be a Lutheran Christian. Erlander has a simple, bold cartooning style that is matched by his clear, bold, compelling, whimsical articulation of the Lutheran understanding of God at work in the world.

I was not raised in the Lutheran tradition, but have found that the Lutheranism that Erlander expresses in this book resonates deeply with my intuitions of God as I understand God revealed through Jesus in the scripture. When I find myself struggling with old tapes, and wrestling with my own sense of being and significance, a refresher course like this book is just what I need.

What is Lutheran Christianity? He asks. It is:

A way of SEEING.
A way of HEARING.
A way of TEACHING.

Every page is packed with important stuff. I will share this one page, to whet your appetite.

Page 22 from Baptized We Live by Daniel Erlander

Page 22 from Baptized We Live by Daniel Erlander

If you have not read it, I strongly recommend that you do.

Now I will get back to following the cloud…and writing my sermon.

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