My recent reading of Ernest Simmons’ book—The Entangled Trinity—inspired me to go back and look at these first Thketches I did in December, 2011. They demonstrate how panentheism seemed to be the more likely model.

These were my first attempts at Thketches,1 and they are pretty rough—BE WARNED!. I didn’t write a script or do any post-production editing, I just started recording, drawing, and sketching, hoping it would make sense. Someday I’ll go back and tighten these up, or update them.

I post them now because I think they give an important background to why I am studying the Trinity and created the Deep in the Burbs project. They explain how I have moved from a modern theistic worldview to robust Trinitarian world view.

  1. that’s my weird name for my Theological Sketches—Thketches—where I try to explain complex ideas using simple drawings. []
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