20140301-144522.jpgEthan and I had one of those right-place-at-the-right time moments today. We are on the St. Olaf campus for Ethan’s voice scholarship auditions (go Bass 2’s!). We’re walking around, exploring the campus, when we run into Mitch Kampf, a junior at St. Olaf and a friend from church. We chatted a minute and he said that he was about to go film a radio interview with the band that is performing on campus tonight.

Ethan and I look at each other, “The Ballroom Thieves! What?! No way! We’re going to the concert tonight and are so excited.”

“Do you want to come to the recording session?” Mitch said.

Let-us-think-about-it-yes. Hello!

We wandered around a bit more and just happened to be standing with Mitch at the doors when the band walked in. They–Martin, Cali, and Devin–are instantly friendly and likeable people. They reached out their hand, introduced themselves to us, and asked about who we were. I told them about our conversation with Mitch and asked if it was OK if we creeped on their recording session.

“Oh, yeah, it’s only creepy if you make it that way,” Devin said. We laughed and the next couple hours was a fun time of talking and learning more about them.

We got to sit in on the radio interview on KSTO. They performed some of their songs and talked about their story and the inspiration behind their music.

The session ended and Martin said, “You guys want to grab some food with us?” Again, yes!

They gave us a free CD, and then we went to the Caf and enjoyed a nice meal. Each of them are serious about their music, very laid back and easy-going about life, and extremely generous with strangers.

I was very glad to meet them and learn about their life on the road. I know Ethan was excited to get to talk to them and hear about the life of a full-time musician.

They call their music “Rock in a folk disguise.” Martin is the song-writer, he is a philosopher at heart, and plays a mean guitar. Calli is an amazing cellist and makes sweet harmonies. Devin is hysterical, a great singer, and does some very cool, innovative percussion that includes a djembe.

If you haven’t heard them yet, please check it out. To my friends at Luther College, they’re coming your way on March 7th.

I can’t wait for concert tonight!

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