A couple weeks ago a colleague of mine–Alex Blondeau–introduced me to a new piece of software that I geeked out on at two levels…maybe even three. The software is called Scrivener. It is designed for writers. It simulates the non-linear creative process of scribbling notes on index cards and pinning them to a cork board so that that can be easily moved around. This program is amazing. It works like my brain (which is a scary thought, I know) and let’s me play with ideas. More than that, it fully integrates with Endnote and Word, so that you can export the final product and turn in a finished academic manuscript. Brilliant.

My levels of geekdom were these: as an academic I find it brilliant, as a computer/creative nerd I find it beautiful and intuitive, and as a writer I find it liberating!

Thanks, Alex, and thanks Scrivener!

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