Dimensions of Spirituality – my annotated copy

This paper argues that although spirituality is increasingly featured in adult education literature, much is either descriptive or enthusiastically prescriptive. A rather wild eclecticism currently prevails. As educators we lack robust theoretical tools to help illuminate wide variation among spiritual orientations, each with different fundamental beliefs and values. The paper presents a framework comprising eight dimensions of spirituality, as a first step to illuminating important distinctions and incommensurable elements. These are (1) life and death; (2) soul and self; (3) cosmology; (4) knowledge; (5) the “way”; (6) focus; (7) practices of spirituality and the role of others; and (8) responses. Our discussion of these dimensions focuses upon the central question, What is the real intent of pedagogical interventions (in theory or practice) which integrate or focus upon spirituality? (this is the abstract of the article)

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