This summer I’ve been planning the study for the upcoming year in our high school ministry. Some things are starting to come together and I’m really excited about it. My plan is to blog about it as the journey unfurls.

The Project is called How Do I Fit? It came together as a combination of things. The first was our overarching theme for the whole church for the next year. Our theme this year is How Do We Fit? We will be looking at this question from several angles e.g. How do we fit together as a community, how does our congregation fit with what God is doing in the broader Anoka County community, how do we fit in God’s story, etc.

The second thing that contributed was the need to improve our Own Your Faith year. We set aside the Freshman year of high school as a time when each student is paired with an adult mentor and given space to explore their own faith and come to confirmation in May ready to make an authentic public profession of faith. The idea that we came up with is something that has not been done here before, so I thought it would be a good idea to have the whole high school group go through it together.

The third thing that contributed to it is my current PhD studies and my increasing desire to help suburban congregations learn how to connect to the robust Trinitarian reality of God’s activity in the world. My ideas about spiritual formation are changing and I’m excited to put this project together to help our students be leaders in this new way of imagining the Kingdom of God.

So, here’s a brief overview of what it will look like. First, let’s start with a picture:


There are seven sections. The first three deal with personal identity. The second three deal with God’s Triune identity and we connect to it. The final section will be a time in which students can set goals and begin to imagine how God wants to shape and use them as they progress through high school.

I look forward to blogging through the development of this material.

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