Last night I taught our catechism students about the Sacrament of Baptism. It was a fun night full of “baptized cucumbers” and water flying everywhere (middle school, remember). I pieced together two clips from one of my favorite movies—The Abyss–to give a visual about the need to drown in order to go deep. It was a fun night.

In the midst of it all I was reminded of one of my favorite ideas. It is the Overflow Prayer. It corresponds so nicely with Martin Luther’s idea of “Walking Wet” in daily repentance and reliance on God’s grace and resurrection power.

Every day we must wake up and die. Kill Me. Die to self. Die to the fear and addiction and selfishness that clings to us like so much overnight scum.

As we allow God to kill that old self we are filled and drown in the flood of God’s grace that washes over us and flows into us. Fill Me.

As we move, then, into the world around us, it is no longer us, but the Spirit of God moving in us and flowing through us that encounters the other. It is the overflow of God’s grace in our lives that flows into the world. Spill Me.

May I live in that way each day. And each day that I fail to wake up and die, may I rest in God’s grace to begin the next day anew.


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