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  • Chrissy Petersen December 7, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Who Jesus is has not changed…What the Bibile says has not changed…The Way of Jesus has not changed. I believe that what has changed is life. What has changed is how ‘busy’ life has become…What has changed are priorities…What has changed are the attitudes towards the structure of the church. We are surrounded by electronics…if we want something, it is a click away…noise is always around us…there is always a distraction…our lives have become so full of stuff that it leaves little time and interest in this thing called the Bible and the church and the history and knowledge that they both hold. How does a leader in the church break this barrier? How does a leader in the church compete with the electronical age of gadgets? How does a leader in the church connect real events from the here and now to events of the past. How does a leader of the church help us to see that God is still present and functioning is this chaotic place that we call home??

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