I came across this article today regarding the state of spirituality among young adults. This passage at the end was especially telling for me and a great challenge for our children, youth, and family ministry at Grace. You can read the whole article here.

Emerging adults want their parents’ love and are eager to engage them. Yet many parents mistakenly assume they are no longer relevant to their children.

Parents, Smith finds, are the single most important predictor of a young adult’s attitude toward religion. Young adults raised in a religious home where faith is taken seriously and practiced regularly will continue those traditions. Parents with halfhearted attempts at inculcating faith wind up with children who are less religiously committed as adults.

Short of revamping congregations to make them friendlier to young people of this age group, Smith concludes church leaders ought to focus instead on children and especially on parents.

“The best thing they can do is help parents be faith-formers,” said Smith. “However it works to get parents committed and involved, that’s what matters.”

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