A quote from Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth by John R. Franke:

Christians committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ should not acquiesce to the cultural relativism that gives up on the notion of ulimate or transcendent truth. But we must also resist the temptation of espousing a notion of truth that makes an idol out of our own conceptions, assumptions, and desires as though they are not subject to critique. We must learn the discipline of diligently and self-critically seeking after truth by continually listening, looking, and learning. In this ongoing quest for truth, it is good to remember that we do not journey alone. We do so in the company of the church, in the fullness of its global and historical manifestations, under the guidance of the Spirit of the living God who leads us into the way, the truth, and the life of Jesus Christ. While the full manifestation of the Spirit’s work will be realized only at the eschaton, it is also part of the vocation of the church to participate fully in the work of the Spirit through  the promotion of truth as part of its missional calling in order that what is promised , the fullness of truth, may be anticipated in the present life of the church.

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