Here is some food for thought regarding 1 Peter 1:13:

Literal translation

Therefore, binding up the loins of your mind, being completely sober, hope on the grace being brought to you in the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

This is all about the mind.  With a clear mind, focus your hope on the grace of Jesus.  This is in contrast to having a fuzzy mind, or being blurred or distracted by anything that will cause you to take your focus off of Jesus. 

The NIV translates this as if the revelation of Jesus was a future event. However, the participle “being carried” is in the present tense.  I think this is significant.  We must be careful to not fall into the trap of interpreting Peter’s message as one of escapism.  He is not telling the persecuted Christians to simply hold on until Jesus comes back and makes everything right and saves them.  Instead, he is encouraging them to look to the present reality of Jesus’ grace and the example of his completely selfless love that will allow them to persevere through unjust persecution because they will be able to love as he did regardless of circumstances.  It is in this kind of love that salvation is found.

as obedient chidren, not being formed by the former desires in your ignorance, but by the  holy one having called you, indeed holy ones themselves become in all behavior, because it has been written that holy ones you will become because I am holy.


this passage is a matter of having a focused mind.. The clutter and distractions that can cause us to lose our focus on the grace of Christ are the selfish desires that entice us to be focused on ourselves rather than on the needs of others.  The power of salvation that comes through Jesus, and the invitation that he offers us, is to die to our own selfishness and come alive to the needs of others.  It is only when we fully engage in the other that we find our true humanity.  This is what Jesus meant when he said that we must lose our lives in order to save them. 

Peter also carries the Exodus theme.  The Israelites were enslaved in Egypt until the lamb was sacrificed and they were “Passed Over” and led into a journey of promise.  Jesus’ voluntary, selfless act of sacrifice in the face of prejudice and unjust accusation was the demonstration of God’s love and the event that brought the love of God into full focus within the realm of man.  It is when we clear our mind of selfishness and focus on this gracious demonstration of graciousness that we can know the path of promise, deliverance, and salvation.

and if you call on the father the one not judging with partiality according to the work of each, in fear the time of your resident alien behave, knowing that not in corruptible things — silver or gold – you were redeemed from your futile behavior handed down by your fathers, but in valuable blood of Christ as of a lamb blameless and without stain, having been known, on the one hand, before the foundation of the world but, on the other, having been demonstrated on the last times through you the faithful ones to God the one having raised him from the dead having given glory to him, so that your faith and hope is in God.

having purified your souls in the obedience of the truth for unhypocritical brotherly love, love one another from a clean heart, having been born again, not from corruptible seed but through incorruptible and staying word of the living God, because,

all flesh as grass

    and all splendor of it as flowers of grass

the grass as dried out

   and the flower fell out

but the word of the lord stays into the age.

this is the good message word told to you.

having set all badness and guile and hypocrisies and envies and speeches against, as new born infants desire the reasonable pure milk, in order that in it you might grow into salvation, since you taste that the the Lord is good.



What should be the attitudes of our mind?  Why?

How does God judge people?  How does this compare to the way our society judges people?

How are we called to treat others?  Why?

What are we to get rid of in our life?  Why?

Where should our focus lie?  Why?

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