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Good Family Faith Friday

We remember Jesus’ death on the cross today. We call it Good Friday, but I don’t think it was a good day for him or his friends and family. He died, remember. Think about that for a minute. Jesus died. In order for him to die, he had to be a real, physical human being, […]

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Your Unique Family

One of the traps we can fall into as suburban families is the trap called COMPARISON. Some people like to call it “Keeping up with the Joneses.” The cultural message sent to each suburban family goes like this: You are not enough how you are now, You must work harder and move faster than the […]

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The Family Bath Towel

There are certain moments in a family’s regular routine that are often intimate and have certain rituals associated with them. I’m thinking especially about meal time, bath time, and bed time. Each of these moments bring parents and children into close, intimate contact. Bath time seems to be the most intimate and the most vulnerable. […]

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