One of the basic practices to grow in faith is carving out time each day to spend quiet time with God. This video offers 5 basic components that might help you structure your time.

If this topic interests you, consider joining me for the How to Grow in Faith six-week class. See below.

Our mission at Easter Lutheran Church is to grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ. This begs a question…HOW? What does it mean to grow in faith? How do we do it?

Join me for a six-week course to explore the essential practices to grow in faith.

These sessions will meet live via Zoom on Sunday evenings at 6:30. That time doesn’t work for you? No problem. The recordings will be available on the course site to view on demand for all who register.

The course runs Sunday, October 18 – November 22…or whenever you want to access it after the fact.

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