Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

So, why don’t I feel all the hope and joy that I normally feel on Easter morning?

I think it’s perfect that we read from Mark’s Gospel this year.

The women did not leave the tomb full of hope and joy, marveling at how amazing the brass section sounded this year.

They fled from the tomb, for terror and amazemenet had seized them.

They fled with two facts. 1. Jesus was no longer in the tomb. 2. The young man promised that Jesus would go on ahead of them and meet them in Galilee.

That’s what we have today, as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection once again. We know that Jesus is not a dusty corpse, buried in an ancient tomb in the Middle East. He is risen!

We also know that Jesus has promised that he will be with us, even to the end of the age.

Many of you are experiencing great fear, anxiety, and grief today. Remember what we learned during the Overcome Series. The only way around these deep emotions and experience…is through it.

Jesus entered, and continues to enter, our suffering. He takes us to the cross, again and again.

Then he walks us through it to the other side.

In your fear, anxiety, and grief today, may you cling to the promise of resurrection life.

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