It is Thursday morning and I am once again sitting in my comfy chair in my living room where I start most of my mornings. The Guatemala trip is over.

The delegation spent yesterday traveling. We had a leisurely morning at the Lutheran Center, eating up all the leftovers for breakfast. Diego and Estuardo took us to the airport at 10:45 and we began our re-entry into United States culture. The flight to Atlanta took three hours (got a movie in). We had a three hour layover, so the whole team shared a last supper at TGIFridays at the airport. The flight to Minneapolis took a little over two hours. We landed at midnight and I got home around 1am.

Today I will participate in a friend’s funeral. This weekend I will officiate an outdoor wedding and preach on the Hill Sunday morning. Then I will fly to Colorado Springs, CO to visit my daughter after her hip surgery and help my wife and other daughter drive home.

Life continues.

Soon our visit to Guatemala will be a fond, almost dreamlike memory. The forceful current of my own vocation of husband, father, son, pastor, artist, teacher, writer will quickly wash the intensity of my experience in Guatemala into a watercolor blur on a distant shore.

It is my prayer that those of you who followed this ten-day blog will have been captured by the beauty and need of our partners in Guatemala. May we, together, find better and deeper ways to help our brothers and sisters learn skills that will empower them to shape a more just and loving life for their country and our world.

If you subscribed to my Guatemala Updates, then this is the last post you will receive. Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you would like to continue receiving my updates, then I invite you to view my subscription page and see the options.


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