Today had two major sections. First, we began the day with a final meeting at the new church building. The church leaders officially presented their plans to us and we presented the gifts from Easter Lutheran to the church in Maya Itza (officially known as Iglesia Luterana del San Marcos). We video recorded the presentations. Perhaps I will post a clip after we return and have access to that technology.

We spent the rest of the day traveling to Coban. It took 9.5 hours. It was a long day of travel, but it felt good to check into a nice hotel and take a hot shower. I wrote the Day 4 post on the bus. It is late and not much happened today, so I’ll sign off.

Tomorrow we reunite with the rest of our team at the Lutheran Center in Guatemala City. It is another 6 hour drive, if all goes well.

Thes sunset from the bus
Our hotel in Coban
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