Bombil Pek is beautiful in the morning. We arrived there after dark last night, so the group was wonderfully surprised to see the lucious gardens that sprawled around the buildings. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and piled into our bus at 8:30am.

Today’s drive took us down the north side of the mountains and across the plains that border Mexico. The highway shifted from a very modern, paved, two-lane road, to a wide dirt road, to a very narrow, rocky lane that was barely wide enough to fit our mini bus.

We did have one little adventure on the road. We were stopped by a handful of police officers, each carrying well used automatic weapons. They boarded our bus and asked how much money each of us had on our possession. Then they wanted to see the stamped pages of each of our passports. We only had copies of the actual passport on us. The real passports are locked in the safe back at the Lutheran Center. Pastora Karen handled them like a pro. They eventually left us alone. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

After seven hours of driving we finally arrived in Maya Itza and were welcomed by Mario, his family, and the members of the church. They fed us a nice meal of frijoles and rice. Then we walked along the new road up to the new church building. It was amazing to see how much work they have accomplished since the last time I was here. It was just a raw piece of land and a dream back in November 2017. Now they have a solid building with sturdy wooden poles and walls and a tin roof.

We held a worship service together. I had the privilege to preach and Pastor Jerry and I were asked to sprinkle water on the four corners of the building and pray a blessing. It was a wonderful evening of worship together.

Something interesting happened during the service. We began in extreme heat. Our Midwestern skin was soaked in sweat. I felt a bit of heat stroke coming on under my alb. Then, just before the sermon, a wind kicked up and cooled us down. The decorations they hung in our honor fluttered in the breeze. We all commented later that it felt like the Spirit blessing our meeting. Very cool.

The sun sets at 6:30 and the temperature dropped to be very pleasant. We shared another meal, talked about the construction plans for tomorrow, I got to play guitar with Pablo and Victor, then we had devos and went to bed. Everyone is very grateful to be here and we look forward to a great day of work together tomorrow.

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