Thirty years have passed. The little boys of Matthew chapters 1 and 2 are now grown up. Elizabeth’s son, John, is a wild man, living out in the wilderness, eating locusts and honey, wearing a robe made of camel’s hair. He is preaching a bombastic message of repentance and coming judgment, and people are flocking out to see him.

We don’t know what Jesus has been doing for three decades. Now, he steps onto the scene and the sky opens up for him.

This is a great passage for the New Year. It is one that talks about pruning out the dead wood, confessing all the junk that gunks up our lives and keeps us from seeing the Kingdom of the Heavens right in front of us in the common, hurting, and marginalized people of the world. It is a message of cleansing, healing, and fresh starts.

It is also one that reminds us that our journey to Find Our Way is not one that we take alone. Jesus has been approved by God as the beloved Son and marked by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. This will not be an easy journey, but we can trust the one who will lead us.

I invite you to read through Page 3 of The Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew to dig deeper into the text.

See Page 3 and get downloads

Page 3 covers Matthew 3:1-4:11. It tells the story of John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus’ baptism, and Jesus’ temptation in the Wilderness.

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